Kollektive for Founders

Starting a successful new business is about three things - building something people want and finding a way to make that profitable and sustainable.

Kollektive's collaborative, creative spaces offer a variety of one-page canvases to explore your customers' needs, and to find the right ways to serve them.

"Run your business on questions, not answers."

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO, Google.

Test your assumptions

By asking questions at every step, your kollektive can expose those crucial areas that you don’t understand, or the critical risks that may mean your idea won’t work well without adjustments.

Kollektive gives you a simple rule of thumb to help you capture unknowns and uncertainties, and to highlight the assumptions which might make the difference between success and failure.

Working through these assumptions will get you, step-by-step, to your business model. Continually refining that by asking questions and challenging orthodoxies will help you to find the best solutions to your customers' needs, time after time.

The startup toolkit

Get a top-to-bottom view of your customers, market and competitors.

Build up the big picture of your business model by combining canvases to describe buyers, value propositions and customer journeys.

Using Kollektive canvases

Our guidance makes canvases simple and fast to complete, share, edit and to connect to eachother.

As you build up your insights your canvases become the single source of truth for your startup, providing a reference for what you do and why you do it.

You can expand your Kollektive by sending invitations to new members. We also allow you to hand out free guest passes, so that potential partners or funders can take a look around before they join your journey.

Customer Experience workflow

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