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Business model innovation should be constant behaviour for all organisations. The low-touch economy, perpetual technology changes and shifting buyer behaviours mean constant innovation is vital to your continued survival and success.

Understanding and owning your business model in the context of this change is easier with Kollektive. We help you to define, build and test your business model, and to bring diverse groups together to evolve what you do.

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."

Peter F. Drucker

Author & consultant in the field of organizational development and management

Optimisation at 30,000ft

Business process management has been with us since the last century. But in this century, regular adjustment is possible at a more strategic level, because change now happens across value networks, not just in old fashioned supply chains. Now it is time to optimise the business model.

Does change allow questions to be asked of old orthodoxies? Kollektive helps you to take advantage of change, by quantifying your current business model, and allowing you to look at alternative scenarios for the future, by asking new questions.

COVID-19 has wrought unprecedented local and global forces. How are you addressing these? Do you need to discover new ways to adapt your model or to transform to a low-touch provider?

When the facts change,
change your mind

Your organisation's success has been achieved by finding repeatable answers to difficult questions, but there are new questions for you to answer on the horizon.

Current conditions and attitudes will not persist, so you'll need different tools and processes from the ones you use now for day-to-day operations.

Kollektive provides private spaces to share clues and hunches about what might change in your market, and for you to call out new risks that may affect existing business models.

Team Kollektive

Using Kollektive Canvases

Many companies build their first success by finding a gap, but it gets harder to find repeatable answers to difficult questions, especially now, as on every horizon there are new questions for you to answer.

Current conditions and attitudes are ever changing, so you need new tools to meet this challenge.

Kollektive provides private spaces to share clues and hunches about what's changing in your market. Uncover new opportunities, identify improvements and tackle your risks, as you design and adapt your business model.

Experimenting has never been easier.

Business model innovation

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