Kollektive for Marketers

In a world of abundance, what's scarce for our customers is the experience that will bring them back to us again and again. This is our new locus.

Kollektive helps you to capture insights, to understand and map the customer experience, and to expose new opportunities for you to delight, as well as to deliver.

"Marketing's job is never done. It's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day."

Beth Comstock

Former CMO & Vice-Chair, GE.

Perpetual Motion

Attitudes change. Markets shift and disappear, and new ones emerge. Our biases can prevent us from seeing the effects of these shifts. You need a way to see things differently when what works today is the accepted wisdom.

Kollektive allows you to discover and create the conditions for perpetual motion.

Use our Pinboards and Customer Job Canvases to collect and curate clues that you'll find every day, from interactions with customers, to a quote from a podcast.

These are the insights that will drive the future success of your company.

Give yourself time

We've immersed ourselves in a world of notifications, feeds and inboxes. When do we stop to look at it all, to see what patterns are emerging?

The 21st century is a time for solving big problems, not just productivity. Your kollektive can stop and think, together, to let the insights emerge. You don't need a machine to do it for you, just time.

Team Kollektive

Using Kollektive canvases

In a world where the costs of switching products is low, where markets are shifting and opening at pace, your ability to create the right experience for your customer is the new competitive advantage.

Refining the ways that you can interact with your customers, increasing the number of channels you can use, optimising for the low-touch economy; all these require you to think about the systems that combine to generate that experience.

You can build up a series of Kollektive canvases to explore and define this picture, to help you determine the future of your company.

Market intelligence workflow

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